Rebuttal to "Quackwatch"


Dr. Mirkin of "Quackwatch" wrote an article claiming that acid/alkaline imbalance is quackery. Many of my readers have mentioned this article so I felt it necessary to provide this brief rebuttal.

Dr. Mirkin stated, "Your stomach is so acidic that no food can change its acidity."

That statement indicates to me that he has no understanding of what we are talking about. Stomach acid has nothing to do with it. We are talking about the pH of the ash of the food after it has been completely metabolized and absorbed into the bloodstream.

He said, "Your bloodstream and organs control acidity in a very narrow range."

That is correct and that "very narrow range" is exactly what we are talking about - whether your blood is toward the acid end or the alkaline end of that "narrow range."

Dr. Mirkin and others who seem to completely miss the boat all seem to conveniently assume that we are talking about large changes in the pH of the body fluids. We are talking about minute changes, but all within that range they call "normal." (Which essentially is the range which is necessary to prevent death.) But most importantly, what we are talking about is the stress put on your body's reserves in order to MAINTAIN the pH within that narrow range, especially when it is bombarded continuously by a high acid-forming diet.

It is important to remember that we are not claiming that the pH of your urine is the same as the pH of your blood. The pH of your urine will vary widely, while the pH of the blood will vary in minute degrees. But nevertheless the pH of the urine is a very good indicator of what is going on in the body fluids. It is an indicator only.

If the urine is highly acid, we are not saying that your blood is as acid as your urine, we are saying that your body is having to eliminate a lot of acids in order to maintain the pH at a level that will sustain life. This not only places a lot of stress on your reserves (your calcium reserves for one) but it also indicates that your body fluids are toward the acid end of that "narrow range," which is an unhealthy state to be in.

Dr. Mirkin assumes that as long as your body fluids are within that normal range everything is fine. This is a common medical problem - assuming that lack of death and disease is the same as optimum health. Health is not all or nothing. There are varying degrees of healthy. For example, doctors might define high blood pressure as a diastolic BP greater than 90. So if you are 89, they will say that you are healthy. But is a BP of 89 as healthy as a BP of 80? Of course not. Is your body pH as healthy when it is toward the acid end of that "very narrow range" as it is when it is at the optimum point within the middle of that "very narrow range"? Of course not. But Dr. Mirkin makes the assumption that it is. I believe that he knows better, but is deliberately trying to mislead.

"Quackwatch" always assume that lack of obvious disease and symptoms is synonymous with optimal health. They constantly use this kind of faulty logic as an excuse to claim that alternative therapies are unnecessary. But we know the truth: That health means more than the absence of disease. Health is an optimal state of well being, not simply a state borderlining death.

My advice is to stay away from "quackwatch" and other self-proclaimed "quack busters." My experience is that they always have a hidden agenda, notably protecting the financial interests of the drug industry by casting aspersions on their competition - the alternative health care industry. If they would stick with the truth that would be fine. But they are constantly misrepresenting the facts and perpetuating outright lies in order to further their hidden agenda. It is not the place to find the truth.